Integrated 45° hoppers

Integrated 45° hoppersIntegrated 45° hoppers 2

Inverted aeration cone
Inverted aeration cone

32° ventilated hoppers

Ventilated hoppers
For round silos up to 8.02 m diameter (Serie 900) in standard. Easy and virtually complete emptying thanks to the 32° slope: suppress the residual
cone of grain. Suits to all cereals flowing easily by gravity. Perfect insulation of the grain from the ground, aeration over the total surface of the stored product. Easy and quick to install. Suitable for both new and existing silos.

The 32° Phénix aircone is available in 2 version.

Ventilated hoppers standard
1) STANDARD type : basic type in which the hopper lays on to the ground.
The emptying is then realized thanks to an inclined discharge auger.
Ventilated hoppers raised
2) RAISED type : type equipped with a raising.
The emptying is then realized thanks to an horizontal discharge conveyor without necessity of digging a gallery.

Channel lock perforated floors

Channel lock perforated floorsAirflowChannel lock floor supportsLeg
Perforated galvanised steel floor sections with 1.3 mm diameter holes (13% open area) for providing maximum airflow and even air distribution.
Channel lock floor supports are formed from galvanised steel, and each floor section sits on the notched sides of the supports for greater durability.
The design enables the leg to be attached directly onto the floor channel for easy assembly (no fasteners are required).
Peripheral steel flashing is used as a seal between the outer edge of the floor and the silo wall sheets preventing grain leakage and rodent intrusion.